Китай 2015

by FiBi

Видео по мотивам моей поездки в Китай в 2010 году.

00:07-00:14 ZhengZhou city road
00:14-00:23 Xian city. The view from central temple.
00:24-00:46 Beijing, North park. Cruising with young chinese strangers =)
00:47-00:51 LuoYang ancient city. Observing huge stone buddhas in the rock.
00:52-01:03 A man making pasta.
01:04-01:10 Pasta in my soup. Yamm...
01:11-01:16 Men practicing and having good time in central park, Jiaozuo city, Henan.
01:17-01:28 Four strangers playing Mahjong in the central market street. Jiaozuo, Henan.
01:25-01:35 My friend Lee Peng writes his name in my notebook. Jiaozuo, Henan.
01:35-01:45 City fountains near white (goose) pagoda, Xian city.
01:46-01:58 Me playing table tessin with my friends from Lee Gong Da Univercity (Technical Univercity). Jiaozuo, Henan.
01:59-02:08 A woman on the street making candy figured as a FireBird. Suzhou city.
02:09-02:19 A man playing with his kite in the square. Jiaozuo, Henan.
02:20-02:26 Colored chikens in the streets of Jiaozuo, Henan. (They sell them to children as toys to play few days...)
02:27-02:Watching concert of my fav chinese singer - Show Luo (Luo Ji Xian), Wukesong Arena, Beijing.
02:44-02:57 Ladies dancing in North park, Beijing.
02:58-03:20 Me in Karaoke club with my friends from USA - Kim and Christian Potter, Jenny from Philippines, "Mark" from China and Sasha from Russia =)
03:21-03:27 Nest stadium. Olympic village, Beijing.
03:28-03:35 Panda in Beijing Zoo.
03:36-03:43 My frind Fish (U Lin Wei) watching Jellyfish float in big Beijing Zoo Aquarium.
03:44-03:50 Local kids play freesbee (a gift from american teacher) for the first time in their life. Jiaozuo, Henan.
03:51-04:12 My chinese-besties Kim and Christian try their skills in speaking Russian =)) Jiaozuo.
04:13-04:27 Train ride to Xian.
04:28-04:54 Spending weekend in the local park with my russian collegues.
04:54 - Student playing russian song "Podmoskovniye vechera" close to my window =)

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